Wedding | Grand Empire Hindu Wedding

Wedding | Grand Empire Hindu Wedding

Just when you thought picking a wedding outfit is a difficult decision – picking a wedding venue is definitely right behind! With most of the Indian weddings being cultural, wedding timelines can get lengthy and tricky. As most of the ceremonies are based around rituals, weddings generally require extensive planning. With Indian weddings, it is easier to have all the ceremonies planned at one location as it saves time. For wedding ceremonies in Brampton, Mississauga and Vaughan area we have an exclusive venue Grand Empire as a recommendation. Grand Empire is one of the most elegant venues for Indian Weddings.  The venue can accommodate than 100 guests, which works best for grand wedding affairs.

Here is a timeline of a Hindu Wedding at the Grand Empire –

Family photos are what makes the ceremonies fun. We usually do not share family photos as they are personal to every couple. These photos are most important part of any product at an Indian wedding in Brampton or any wedding anywhere in the world for most of our clients. We use the list of VIPs which can be filled by the bride and groom a week prior to the wedding. The list includes names of all the guests that the couple would like to be photographed next to right before their wedding ceremony. Bridal Party’s are a perfect time to photograph family photos.

Once we were done photographing the couple, the wedding rituals began. One of the most joyous parts of any Indian wedding is Barat. The grooms family made a grand entrance with two dhol players setting the scene. Everyone joined in to dance, including the bride’s side of the family.As per the traditional rituals of a Gujarati Indian wedding, Priya’s mom welcomed the barat. Family and friends headed to the mandap. The mandap was beautifully set up. Family and friends showered their love when the bride walked down the beautiful mandap set up by her parents. The bride was accompanied by her flower girls and bridesmaids. The bride looked absolutely stunning in her red wedding dress. Grand Empire has a perfect Foaie adorned with lavish chandeliers – perfect for photographs!

After the wedding ceremony was complete, the couple left for their post-wedding photo shoot. The wedding photo shoot was at Clairville Conservation Park in Brampton. This location does not require a permit and is a preferred location for Post wedding photographs for Indian weddings in Brampton and Mississauga area.


Here are some photographs from the traditional Hindu ceremony at the Grand Empire, Brampton –

Best-venues-in-brampton Grand Empire Hindu Wedding -0016 Dhol-by-nature-Grand-empire-Brampton-Baraat Dhol-by-nature-Grand-empire Dhol-by-nature-Grand-empire-Brampton-Baraat Dream-party-decore-Wedding-brampton Dhol-by-nature-Grand-empire-Brampton-Baraat Grand-setup-Dream-Party-Decor-brampton Grand-setup-Dream-Party-Decor Indian-Wedding-Priest-Brampton Grand-EMpire-Hindu-wedding Dream-Party-Decor-ALfaaz-Photography Grand-setup-Dream-Party-Decor Grand Empire Hindu Wedding -0025 Grand-setup-Dream-Party-Decor Best-Indian-hindu-wedding-Photographer creative-Indian-Wedding-brampton Brampton-creative-Hindu-Weddings Hindu-Wedding-setup-Brampton Love-Hindu-Wedding-details Toronto-Indian-Weddings Zaheer-Molu-inspired-images Creative-Indian-Weddings-Toronto Brampton-Creative-Wedding-photographers Grand Empire Hindu Wedding -0044 Grand-Empire-Hindu-Wedding -Brampton Grand-Empire-Hindu-Wedding -Brampton Grand-Empire-Hindu-Wedding -Brampton Dream-Party-Decor-Setup-Grand-Empire Indian-Wedding-Dream-Party-Decor Grand-Empire-Hindu-Wedding -Brampton Grand Empire Hindu Wedding -0059 Indian-Wedding-photograpehrs-Best-Toronto-Brampton Indian-Wedding-creative-Toronto-Photographers Grand-Empire-Hindu-Wedding -Brampton Grand-Empire-Hindu-Wedding -Brampton Grand-Empire-Hindu-Wedding -Brampton Indian_destination-brampton-Wedding

The Reception

Bride and Groom began getting ready for their wedding reception. Grand Empire was all set for the starlit evening. Grand Empire with its high ceiling and pin lighting setup looked extravagant. It was a blue galaxy theme decoration by Dream Party Decor and our groom loves sciences. It was his request to have the floor wrapped in a galaxy theme. Empire Entertainment, the in-house DJ and veteran in the industry – Jatin was ready to get the party going. The couple made their grand entrance which leads the energy in the room to grow by tenfolds. Bride and Groom had their first dance followed by cake cutting ceremony and warm speeches. An Indian wedding is incomplete without some Bollywood numbers. Priya’s family came well prepared with choreographed dance performances. There were about 50 plus family members involved in this performance. Once you kick start your reception with such grand performances and with DJ Jatin from Empire Entertainment is playing, it’s just impossible to stop dancing. Even bride’s dad did some bottle balancing act and altogether a fun night.

Dream-Party-Decore-Grand-Empire Dream-Party-Decore-Grand-Empire Grand Empire Hindu Wedding -0004 Grand Empire Hindu Wedding -0005 Fine-Cakes-by-Zahra-Wedding Dream-Party-Decore-Grand-Empire Grand Empire Hindu Wedding -0008 Grand-Empire-Wedding-Hindu Brampton-Creative-Weddings Grand-Empire-Wedding-Hindu-Setup Indian-Hindu-Grand-empire Bollywood-wedding-Brampton Brampton-Hindu-Wedding Grand-empire-djs-Brampton-best Best-Dj's-empire-Entertainment-Grand-empire



Photography – Alfaaz Photography

Videography – Aujla Visuals

Sound and DJ – Empire Entertainment

Decoration – Dream Party Decor 


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