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Wedding | New Trends in Weddings

Couples are getting creative with their wedding ceremonies. They are moving away from the standard reception and big wedding events towards more fun ideas that allow them to showcase their personalities as a couple.


Here are a few new trends in weddings that couples have been following!

Destination Weddings  

People are now opting more for destination weddings, which allows the couples to step out of the traditional setting. Imagine getting married on the white sandy beaches of Mexico during the winter in Canada or declaring your love for one another at a barn or vineyard. For more on destination weddings – check out our blog post from Hard Rock facilities in Mexico. 

Hard rock cafe cancun mexico

Outdoor Ceremonies

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are becoming a big trend. Make sure  your chosen venue has an indoor facility in case the weather adversities. From barn or lake side ceremonies or vineyard, your options are unlimited to plan an outdoor ceremony.

Riviera Maya Destination Weddings

Launch Party

On the wedding day you can’t go too wild but a launch party is for the dancing diva brides and party animal grooms. Usually a launch party is planned a couple of months prior to the wedding and is catered to accommodate youngsters. Mostly for launch parties, people get together and go to lounge or a club. Check out Fume lounge which have partnered for wedding launch parties.

new trends in weddings

Let’s Go Somewhere

Photoshoot in Cuba

Whether is is the gorgeous Santorini or sandy beaches of Cancun or mountains of Oslo or the waterfall of breathtaking Rejevik. You can pick any location to plan your engagement shoot. Many couples treat themselves before or after the wedding, to get photographed at international locations. This works for couples who would love a destination wedding, but are unable to have one for whatever reason.

Photoshoot in Norway

You can always add that as a honeymoon shoot, where you can have a session done either by a local photographer or ask your wedding photographer to join you guys. This is a great way to reflect your passion for travelling through your engagement shoot photographs that tell a story.

Waterfalls in Iceland

This year we covered destination shoots at Mexico, Norway, England and Iceland. 

Bridal Sessions

Wouldn’t it be great if on your wedding day you could get to relax and mingle with your guests and not have to worry about leaving out for photos or worry about driving down to a location and take pictures? Imagine a wedding day where you have all day after the ceremony to relax. Bridal sessions are photo shoots where couples dress in their wedding outfits to get wedding photographs taken either before or after the wedding.

Bridal Session

Why do that?

  • Saves time on wedding day
  • Showcase photographs on the wedding reception
  • More time to interact with family and friends
  • Stress free wedding
  • More room for creative shots
Photoshoot in Toronto

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