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Weddings | Nigerian Cultural Wedding | Supreme Luxury Event Venue

Cultural weddings showcase a strong sense of family values and beautiful traditions. Cultural weddings, being traditional, makes the ceremony even more intimate. As an international photographer, it is always a beautiful experience to be a part of the traditional ceremony. Earlier last year, Alfaaz Photography had the opportunity to capture Nigerian Cultural Wedding.

Nigerian Cultural Wedding Shoot

Nigerian Wedding Ceremony

Shade married Dipo in a traditional Nigerian Ceremony, which was filled with color and lots of joy.  On the wedding day, it was drizzling in the morning.  For getting ready shots, we reached the bride’s hotel where she was getting her makeup done while eating yogurt – which is always a good way to start your bug day. We strongly recommend couples to make sure they eat proper prior to the beginning of ceremonies.Bridesmaids were all getting ready, in the room next door wearing hot pink bathrobes with,“Team Bride” printed on the robes. It really worked well for the bride as she had full attention from her makeup artist.

Bride wrote heartfelt wishes on a card and sent it along with a morning for her love. For Groom’s love of wrist watches, the bride had boxed an Armani wristwatch. The groom was dressed in a white tuxedo, while the groomsmen were rocking black and white tuxedos. Prior to the ceremony, the bride closed her eyes and prayed silently. The intimate ceremony began with the priest of local Nigerian community singing praises of God, followed by beautiful verses of two souls uniting and declaring them married. The official married declaration had the room filled with joy with everyone dancing and singing cultural songs.

Nigerian Wedding Reception

The reception was at the Supreme Luxury Event Venue in Woodbridge and Luxe Soiree did an amazing job decorating the venue. The night was packed with performances, speeches, folk singers and much more. Festivities started as soon as the Emcee welcomed the couple.

As an International wedding photographer, we are fortunate to participate in cultural weddings. Learning about different cultures has always been a driving force which has been a propeller and motivating force to capture and share moments like these.  

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