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Wedding Planners Myths Vs Facts | Updates, Tips and Advice on Wedding Photography

Myth: Wedding Planners cost a fortune!

Truth: Wedding Planners can help you save!

It’s true that hiring a Wedding Planner is an additional cost, but it’s also true that this additional expense is absolutely worth it. Let’s look at all the reasons why…

1.       Network – Wedding Planners usually come with a huge pool of vendors and resources. Your wedding planner will help you to envision your wedding day and match you with the resources to bring that vision to life. Given their knowledge of all the vendors available to you, your Wedding Planner can set a benchmark for how much you should be paying for certain services; they take the guess work out of knowing whether you are paying too much! In some cases, your wedding planner may even be able to get your discounts by sourcing your wedding needs through their networks – these referrals can mean a savings of up to $5000!

But be warned – don’t let your wedding planner bully you. Your wedding planner is there to help you, and the final decisions are yours to make.

2.       Reliability – The wedding vendors you choose must be reliable. The last thing you need on your special day is for one of your vendors to not deliver as promised at the date, time and location you’ve specified.

That’s where your wedding planner steps in. The wedding vendors suggested by your Wedding Planner are known and trusted by your Wedding Planner – they are a safe bet to making sure you wedding planning takes place as it should!

3.       The Day of the Wedding – As the bride or groom, you have bigger things to worry about than whether the wedding cake has arrived – GETTING MARRIED! And your bridal party – they want to be focused on YOU. So it’s time to let someone else take charge: Your Wedding Planner can be the person to make sure everyone and everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Your Wedding Planner is the one to call the cake shop ahead of time to ensure they make it to the venue, or to inform the banquet hall of your arrival time.

4.       Organization – Weddings are complicated! There are multiple pieces that need to come together for a wedding – food, music, décor, guests, seating, etc etc etc. Add uncontrollable events such as weather, traffic, and emotions into the mix and you truly have a challenge!

Wedding Planners are trained in organization! They are well-versed in keeping all the different pieces of the puzzle in their right spot, and putting the whole puzzle together when the time comes. A well-seasons Wedding Planner will have seen it all – the no-show vendors and freak snowstorms and caterers throwing tantrums – they will be able to handle your worst wedding nightmares!

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