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Wedding Planning – 5 Things Every Bride Should Know

Wedding planning can be a total roller-coaster ride: there are highs and there are lows. But, in the end, it’s the thrilling ride you’ll always remember.

Here are 5 easy tips to help make you wedding planning process a little bit easier –

1.Be patient & organized

The average wedding takes at least 50 hours to plan; so don’t fret when things don’t come together right away. Just remember it takes time. Start by creating a timeline with monthly goals to help you plan and complete your tasks. And as a reminder that there is an end in sight  CH3A1800

2. Set a realistic budget

Be sure to include everything from your dress (including alterations) to your bridal party gifts. Make sure your budget meets your expectations so you aren’t surprised in the end by the true cost of your wedding!

3. Have your wedding your way

Create your own wedding traditions. You don’t have to follow every wedding rule as your told or expected. It’s YOUR day, so do what YOU want. It’s ok if you skip the formal dance with your parents, cake-cutting or bouquet toss. You only get this day once, so make it the day you want to look back on.    Wedding and dogs

4. Have back up plans

The most important aspect to wedding planning is preparing for unlikely situations that may cause a hiccup in your day. Things can happen that are simply out of your control – whether that be the weather, or a vendor failing to meet their contractual obligation. A little bit of extra time spent on creating back up plans and being prepared will help you save the extra stress on your wedding day.Toronto's columbian wedding

5. Have fun!

Remember the big picture. Wedding planning is not easy! There will be tough days –  arguments and compromises. But always remember the most important things – it’s your wedding day!! Have fun planning and enjoy every moment.


Happy Planning!

– P.S. Eventful – Poonam Saini

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