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Wedding | Survival Kit

You never know what will come your way on your wedding day. Since it’s a very unpredictable event, where you will be meeting a lot of people, going to different locations for photoshoots, eating a variety of foods or sometimes no food, so you have to prepare yourself ahead of time.

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Here are a few things you should carry in your wedding survival kit –

Safety pins  

There is nothing in this world a safety pin can’t fix so keep a pack of pins to save you from last minute random roadblocks.

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Hand sanitizer

Exposed to “sticky” situations through out the day, this is something that is a necessity to keep you nice and clean without having to rush to the bathroom to wash your hands every so often.


This is the one thing everyone does forget (especially men) when they step out for their big day. There will be a lot of use of your hands, and you don’t want your hands looking dry in the shots of the ring exchange, gift exchange or prayer ceremonies.

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Face tissues

This is the most useful invention mankind has ever made so keep it handy for tears, oily face to wet palms or maybe to sit on top of it or fixing your makeup. This one invention does it all!


Don’t forget that your wedding outfit might not have pockets and nor do you have your car to go back to find mint or gum. Keep a pack of gum/mints handy with you for post lunch chat with guests or before your first kiss or just to freshen up. Mints are a better option, so you are not caught chewing away, but it comes down to personal preferences.

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Granola bar

This one is for the brides who don’t like to eat breakfast or that evening snack when you are getting your wedding pictures taken. Granola bar can be an answer for your craving to munch. Protein bars are perfect for that moment.

Body spray

Summer days have their own pros and cons and after a nice outdoor photoshoot, all you need is a nice mist of your fragrance.

Pakistani Bridal outfits, award winning photographers, Muslim traditional weddings,Mississauga Muslim Weddings


You never know when that headache or body ache might hit from the stress or a hangover from the night before.


When you need to pick things, jump some walls, toss a boutique, wear new shoes, etc, sometimes all it takes is a paper cut.

Wedding survival kit

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