Wedding Planning Tips | Scheduling your wedding photographer

7 Ways to get the most out of your wedding photographer

There will be almost 8-10 different wedding vendors you will be dealing with for your wedding. These vendors may have interdependent tasks and it’s very important for the bride and group to understand what these tasks might be when they are planning their wedding.

Photographers are lucky to be among those vendors dealing the most with the bride and groom. The Wedding Photographer’s job starts from the moment you start planning your wedding – from the engagement shoot to the day of the wedding and completing a final product of wedding photos, the photographer is along for the entire ride. The photographer also needs to coordinate with many of your other wedding vendors for your wedding day to run smoothly. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Although they may seem very similar, photographers and videographers require a very different skill set, especially with regard to weddings.

Your wedding photographer and wedding videographer will be working very closely at your wedding. Your videographer and photographer may not be from the same company; after all, each company and individual will have their own style which will speak to you as the couple. It is important to introduce these two individuals prior to your wedding day so they can coordinate their work styles and collaborate on delivering high quality photo and video products. It is the creative chemistry between these two individuals that is key to capturing those “wow” moments of your big day.

Wedding videographer scoping the landscape.

Image by – Fusion Productions 

2. Wedding Photographers and DJs

Photographs are all about capturing the perfect lighting. Without the right light, you will not get good pictures. In some cases, the DJs have light shows as a part of their set. While these lights can be spectacular and really set the mood of your reception, they can interfere greatly with the photos being taken. It is important for the photographer to be coordinated with the DJ, at times requesting a specific kind of light during certain moments of the night (such as the first dance) to ensure the photographs taken at that time are flawless. The DJ must also be aware of equipment required for any slideshows or videos to be played at the reception. Photographers will offer same day or next-day edits of the photographs taken over the course of the wedding to play at the reception. The DJ must be aware of such media and slideshows to be played at the reception to ensure they are prepared.

DJ Kuldeep MixSingh playing a set

Image – Kuldeep Mix Singh 

3. Wedding Photographers and Wedding Planners

It is very important that if you have a Wedding Planner, this person must be connected to all your vendors including your photographer. Have your Wedding Planner validate your schedule against that of your photographer. Photographers need a certain amount of time allocated just for picture to ensure they capture enough images. If your Wedding Planner can meet you photographer ahead of time, they can work together to establish a schedule that allows the photographer to complete their work and keeps the wedding on a workable timeline.

A couple at the altar of a French church.

4. Wedding Photographer and Makeup Artist

On the day of your wedding, the first two vendors you will see are your photographer and your makeup artist. While the photographer takes your ‘getting ready’ shots, the make up artist must ensure that your are ready on schedule. Any delay in hair and makeup will cause a delay in the rest of your schedule. If you have time scheduled for photos prior to the wedding ceremony, this will also be affected by a delay. A simple rule in photography is that the more time you give the photographer, the more time s/he will have to create beautiful images. A second benefit of connecting these two vendors is that they can collaborate on your final look. Photographs taken while you are getting ready can help your make up artist to adjust your look for the kind of lighting used by the photographer.

A bride with her make up artist on the morning of her wedding.

5. Wedding Photographer and Masters of Ceremonies M.C.

M.C.s are important for the flow and the vibe of your wedding. They will get your guests full of energy and out on the dance floor! They are also the ones who will keep your reception running on schedule. at all, Emcee are very important part of weddings. The MC needs to be synced with photographer to ensure photographer is aware of the timeline and the different pieces of the night – whether it be performances, speeches, or games for the newly weds. Check out Toronto’s best MC Donavan F at

MC Donovan Fernandes posing with a wedding party.

6. Wedding Photographers and Decorators

The decoration at your wedding is important for setting the mood – not just for your wedding day and guests, but for your wedding photographs as well. The decoration is the background for all your pictures and without the right décor, the pictures will not reflect the ambiance of your wedding. The timing of the decorators must be coordinated to when the wedding photographers intend on taking pictures. This includes pictures of the couple, guests, wedding events, and pictures of the beautiful wedding scene that you have created. When scheduling your decorator, be sure they can reach and venue and complete the decorations prior to the arrival of your photographer.

Diya decor created this perfect pink fairy tale reception.

Decoration by Diya Decor 

7. Wedding Photographer and Limo 

Timing and location are two things to manage closely for your wedding day. An easy way to do this is connecting your limo driver to your photographer. By connecting these two individuals, you can rest assured that you and your photographer will be at the same place for the same time to take those stunning wedding pictures.

A pink fairy tale wedding is only complete with a pink limo.

Limo by