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Engagement photoshoot in Havana, Cuba

What to Wear on an Engagement Shoot

When it comes to what to wear on your engagement photoshoot, things can get complicated. In this blog, we will guide you through some ideas about outfits and how to work colours. Keep in mind engagement photoshoots are mainly to showcase your personality as a couple, not necessarily your outfits. We always recommend keeping the attention towards chemistry and emotions because after all those years of marriage these images should show who are you.

In our engagement photoshoot consultation, we usually guide couples on what to wear on an engagement shoot. Based on the shoot theme and mood they are going for, we can provide guidance on fabrics, styles and colours. 

Today, we will talk briefly about engagement shoot outfits. We will explore Locations by Type of Attire and Colours to create engagement shoot photos that match the mood, attire and locations.

beach photoshoots


Your outfits will need to visually communicate the mood in images as well as compliment the locations of the engagement shoot. 

Locations with Formal Attire

Historic Architecture, Modern Architecture and Studio Spaces

Formal – This looks requires some planning and effort. However, the results will surely be epic!

Men – So grooms, this is your chance to put on that formal black tie or bow tie and suit with white shirt. If you wish to make it bit more to your look you can always tone it down or up based on the outlook we are going for. This is a very sharp look with suits and a fresh polished pair of dress shoes. 

Ladies – This is a perfect chance to wear that formal dress you’ve been wanting to. If you are looking for more epic images then look for long flowy gowns whereas if you are looking for a more formal, magazine vibe then go for a long fitted dresses. 

For formal outfits, especially long flowy gowns, there are a couple of rental places in Toronto such as ecboutique by Sinthu Krish and Athena Dress Rental. Usually, formal outfits take the most time to put together for ladies so plan accordingly. Check out online stores like Shein or Misguided to get your outfit delivered to you.

Formal attire for engagement shoot Toronto
Formal attire for engagement shoot Toronto. Law-Society-Engagement-Shoot
Formal Attire is perfect for historic architecture, modern architecture and studio space engagement shoots

Locations for Semi-Formal Attire

Parks, Waterfalls, Beaches or Restaurants and much more

Semi-Formal – When you really don’t want to be too formal or too casual.  This look works for most clients and is easy to put together. 

Men – Depending what your style is, we love a blazer or a sports jacket with a white shirt and contrasting pants. A turtle neck sweater for fall or a just nice tucked shirt on a summer day with beige or blue khakis. 

Ladies – This is where you can wear a floral flowy maxi dress or a cute summer dress. A nice dressy shirt with trousers would work as well. There are so many options which you can pair with a nice set of jewellery and you are good to go for this look. 

Semi-Formal attire for engagement shoot Toronto. Locations-Engagement-Shoot
Semi-Formal Attire is perfect for park, waterfall, beach and restaunt engagement shoots

Locations for a Casual Attire

Stroll at the park, chilling at a home shoot or lifestyle shoots 

Casual – If you really want a relaxed look at home or want some effortless romance in images.

Men – Nice pair of jeans, plaid shirt and boots would work. Avoid wearing shirts with any big logos or words although a plain white or black shirt are a great option for the casual look.

Ladies – Again a pair of jeans can be paired with a lot of different shirts or a casual black dress can give that laid back look. 

Casual attire for engagement shoot Toronto. Casual-Romance-indian-wedding
Casual Attire is perfect for park, lifestyle and at-home engagement shoots


Now what colours to wear on your engagement shoot is a major part of the discussion between couples and us the photographers while planning the engagement shoot. These are few things we would like to share about colour pairings for the engagement shoot.

The Colour Science

Colours is a science and there are some colours which work together in symphony and others that fight each other. Adobe has made our life easier by giving us access to this colour wheel. See https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel.

You can check complementary colours or triad colours based on the scene you have picked.

For example, if you are planning to shoot in nature where there will be a lot of dark greens in the background, blues and reds might be a great option to play with. 

Nature – Color Wheel Triad from Adobe

If you know it will be sunset kind of mood in the farms then you play with having a dark blue dress might be your best bet. 

Sunset in the Farms – Color Mood Extract from Adobe

Check out your colour options on the Adobe Colour Wheel. We can always chat more before your engagement shoot. 

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