When to Use Fresh or Silk Florals at Your Indian Wedding?

When to Use Fresh or Silk Florals at Your Indian Wedding?

Should I get fresh or silk florals? Where can I get away with silk flowers instead of fresh ones? Most people love fresh flowers but they may not always be budget-friendly.

We have distinguished and well-established Design Mantra Wedding and Event Decor company in Toronto share their expert knowledge on florals for your Indian wedding.

Find out about myths on silk flowers and learn when to use Fresh or Silk florals at your Indian wedding by Design Mantraa:

Fresh or Silk Florals for your wedding

When it comes to wedding flowers, our couples always ask us if we work with fresh or silk florals. I’m sure you probably have some questions around both the options and this blog would help you educate when it is suitable to have either option more suitable.

The typical assumption around silk florals is that they are cheaper to work with.

The answer is – it depends. If it’s a pre-made silk arrangement that is being set up for your ceremony décor, chances are it is more like a rental, already prepared in stock by the florist and in this scenario it will be cheaper.

 In some other situations, if you are looking for a custom arrangement in silk with specific florals and colour palette, something that needs to be done from scratch and is being created specifically for your day, then in fact it might be more expensive than the real flowers. If the colour palette is not very popular and is being created specifically for your event, chances are it will be more expensive than real flowers.  

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When Silk florals will definitely be a better fit:

Ceiling décor

When working with ceiling treatments, using silk florals or floral garlands will be the perfect alternative for the fresh ones. It will help create that wow factor without the maintenance required by the fresh florals.

Out of season flowers

If your preferred flower is not available during that season or is highly expensive, then working with silks would be a better direction to move with. For example, peonies are typically available during the springtime. If you have a fall wedding and want fresh peonies, they will need to be sourced at a very high price. Alternatively, these days a lot of variety of silk peonies are available in various colours. You might want to check in with your florist regarding the options.

Extreme weather

For summer (outdoor) or winter weddings, working with silk florals might be suitable as they don’t start wilting due to the heat or cold.  If an experienced florist is not hired, the flowers can wilt or die even during transportation. There is a proper way to transport and handle these florals during extreme conditions.

Pro Tip – Avoid Hydrangeas in extreme weather – are the worst for these conditions, they need a lot of water, nurturing and attention.

Stage décor

If the stage décor is elaborate and requires a lot of florals, using silk florals along with a mix of fresh greens will be a great option to consider. It will save money especially if the kind of florals you are looking for are in your florist’s stock already. Moreover, it will help in their installation, as they won’t get super heavy with water that’s needed to sustain the fresh floral stems.


When Fresh florals will definitely be a better fit:


Bridal bouquets are most remembered through pictures and really enhance the look of your shots, it’s definitely recommended to go with fresh florals for your bouquet. Your toss bouquet could be a smaller version of your fresh one or even silk as an option.

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Your guests will be able to touch these floral arrangements, and it’s not a good idea to have them feel the florals only to find out that they are not real (there comes an aunty’s comment….not that you care….ssshhhh). For low centrepieces, it’s advisable to work with fresh florals. You can set a certain budget and some stunning arrangements can be created within most price ranges with a little creativity and out of the box thinking.


If you are not too picky with your florals

If you are an easy going couple and don’t have any preference in terms of what florals are being used, then we do advise you to go with fresh florals.  Keep it simple, elegant and sophisticated.

If you love greens

If you have always dreamed of a nature-inspired wedding or with all tropical and green vibes, then fresh is the way to go. Greens provide you with a natural and organic look, which is budget friendly and looks very refreshing.

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No matter which option you go with – fresh or silk florals – key is for them to be arranged in a tasteful and artistic way. This will come down to the experience and the type of floral designer you decide to proceed with. Your big day is certainly a significant investment in terms of time, money and emotions. Ensuring you have an experienced, reliable and knowledgeable design and floral vendor would ensure your investment is well spent.

Amazing tips for when to use fresh or silk florals for your Indian wedding! Thanks again to our guest blogger Design Mantraa, please contact them for more insights on planning your wedding.

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