3 Reasons Why Some Client Do Not Want a Wedding Album
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3 Reasons Why Some Client Do Not Want a Wedding Album

With 7 years of experience in Indian wedding photography, we did an analysis on why Indian wedding couples do not want albums. We are answering some of these concerns and bust some of the myths out there on wedding albums.

Wedding Albums are Expensive

Yes, unfortunately, wedding albums are expensive. So, let’s try to see how much it cost to make an album.  Average professional wedding albums costs range from about $650 to $1350. Depending on the size and covers and number of pages we print. 

Let’s understand what is the value of printing Indian Wedding albums. First, you are not only investing in paper quality which will last 200 years but also the time it takes to design the album. Now, most of the photographers do not print their own album because the technology today to make lay flat albums is way beyond any garage lab. It takes a photographer with years of experience of about 10 hours for designing, exporting and handling album files. It’s the time we as photographers invest in designing the storyline is one major cost. A cohesive design tells the perfect story of your wedding day. 

It Will Be Cheaper to Print on our Own

Yes, there are so many options online who can make you a basic album. Although, it won’t be that perfect lay flat or same paper or bind quality that will last years to come. What is the point of printing something you can not even show off to your kids and family because you are worried about it breaking apart?

Also, consider someone who designs albums for a living and understands the smallest details to worry about vs someone doing it the first time.

That is also the reason why all the professional album printing companies work with photographers only. They do not want to work with someone without the knowledge of designing albums. 

We Can Make Wedding Album Ourselves

Life hits you after you are married. You get busy with dinners, travel and setting up a new place. How many things at your house are pending for quite some time that you keep telling yourself that you will eventually get done? Most of the time our clients never get to actually printing their wedding images on their own for the first 3 years. Forget the idea that you will get to it once you have kids. 

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Photo by Alfaaz Photography (www.alfaazphotography.com)

These are simply three reasons why most clients do not want to print their albums. Our idea, in this blog and all our other blogs, is to share our knowledge of weddings. How about you share your thoughts on this blog with us? We will love to hear from you.

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