Wild Dunes Gujarati Indian Wedding
Wild Dunes Indian Wedding

Lavish Gujarati Wedding at Wild Dunes, Charleston, South Carolina.

Wild Dunes Gujarati Indian Wedding featured in this blog

Charleston is known for its southern charm and if you want to pair that with the perfect Indian wedding venue, Wild Dunes is the place to be. Pastle-colored buildings, palm trees and white sands, lush gardens Wild Dunes Charleston is a unique place to be.

Charleston is known for destination weddings as around the country people to Charleston to get married. Charleston is a great option if you are looking for a beach environment and do not want to leave to an all-inclusive Mexico or Dominican.

One it is cheaper for your guest to drive or fly down here instead of flying to an Indian wedding outside the country and secondly, in Charleston you can easily get vendors for catering from nearby cities where whereas it is impossible to take catering outside the country. 

Gujarati Wedding at Wild Dunes Resort, Charleston, South Carolina.

Wild Dunes Resort can give you that cottage home resort hybrid feel for your Indian wedding. While you are enjoying the southern charm alongside the beach, this resort has rental homes which can be great if you want to have family live with you in the same house or you can always rent hotel rooms. The tropical lawns of the property give you that tropical aesthetic overlooking the beach. Wild Dunes is the perfect balance for cozy yet charming for your Indian wedding.

Wild Dunes Gujarati

Mendi night at the Wild Dunes for Indian Wedding in Charleston, SC 

Pop of color was featured in our first event at the Indigo rooftop overlooking the pastel buildings of WILD DUNES Resort. The perfect sunset added warmth to this mendhi night with ocean views. The bride was dressed in hot pink one of the hottest Indian wedding designers Amit Agrawal. The outfit was the perfect combination of sexy and yet elegant and still very very Indian. Bride told us how this outfit was not the first pick but as soon she saw Amit Agrewal’s outfit with this flare she was sold.

Haldi at the Wild Dunes Gujarati Beach Wedding in Charleston, SC

Yellow marigold on a swing with a backdrop of wild dunes was the perfect venue for this Haldi event. The bride went for the indigo blue outfit which complimented the yellow colours of the haldi. It was different as most brides go for the yellow colour palette for the haldi so this was refreshing. Throughout this Gujrati wedding at Wild Dunes stood out as the choice of wardrobe. Both the Gurjrati bride and South Indian Groom had their unique choice styles coming together and it was looking great.

Luci, their dog was even dressed for each event and boy this got so much love for family and friends. Friends and family are a big part of any wedding and this Indian wedding had some extra love for the couple. At the end of the Haldi ceremony, you can see that love and a lot of fun in these pictures.

Epic Sangeet at the Wild Dunes Beach in Charleston, SC

The most fun night of the sangeet on the Indian weddings. That is when the most dance performances and fun happen. Another reason sangeets are fun is that you have a sense of joy with a lot of colours. The bride was wearing a lime green chic outfit with a lot of colours and the groom was wearing a designer kurta with open style sherwani and Nike sneakers. Yes, Nike Sneakers were a perfect combination to the groom’s outfit and damn they both looked stunning. 

One of the best things as photographers we can do to these pretty people is bring them to nice sunset light on the beach and use those tropical elements. We were worried if the couple would be down to walk to the beach worrying about getting sand in the shoes before the sangeet. However, this couple wanted to enjoy every bit of the wedding and not worry about anything. Sun was setting and kissing the palm tresses and those colorful buildings and wild dunes had perfect warmth. This is what Charleston is known for and I can see why any couple will fall in love with this venue for their India Wedding.is

Outdoor Sangeet is a very laid-back and chill vibe. The bar overlooks the ocean and gets a drink while you can hear the ocean waves in the distance. District events were taking care of tapas-style desi food and DJ elite sounds from New York were keeping the tempo upbeat.

Sangeet was packed with performances from the bride and groom side were super pumped. Trust us that excitement didn’t disappoint as the groom’s squad and bridesmaid had some professional dancers and the energy level on these performances was levelled up. 

Everyone was on the dancefloor when it was time to open it and Elite Dj’s killed with old-school Bollywood and hip-hop vibe. You can see how this Indian wedding took over the wild dunes.

Gujrati Indian Ceremony at Wild Dunes, Charleston, South Carolina

Sunrise at the Wild Dunes is truly magical as the sky turns orange the pastel buildings in the foreground make Wild Dunes perfect in so many ways. The bride was getting ready in a bridal suite with her bridesmaid. For a change, brides were almost ready with their hair and makeup when we started our day. We started our day with a surprise for the bride by her bridesmaid. We decided to capture this moment on the balcony with fresh light hits hugs and love between the bridal squad. Gigi Studio did a phenomenal job on this Indian Skin tone and a clean hair look

While champagne was served to the bride, Kinjil wrote a love note to Anshul. Meanwhile, bridesmaids helped the bride slip in her stunning ivory lengha. The ivory lengha had beautiful handwork crafted to perfection. Since the balcony had that perfect light we brought the bride outside for airy and whimsical reveal shots. The bridal lengha for this Gujrati bride came with a long viel-style organza dupatta. As a photographer, we learn to use different fabrics and how they can be styled. It is different than your net dupatta and some of the see-through view shots can not be done with Organza fabric however there is so much to do.

While bridesmaids were gone to get their sarees tied, We got to capture some intimate moments with the parents and brother of the bride. There was so much love in this Gujarati Family and even all the cousins and sister-in-law were so loving you see how close all these individuals were to the bride.

Tropical Vibes at Wild Dunes, Charleston, South Carolina.

The couple getting married at the Wild Dunes has many options to take pictures. One of the biggest roles of an Indian Wedding photographer is scoping where to photos on the day of the wedding before the actual wedding. On the day of the wedding, the wedding planner, videographer and bridal party will rely on you for directions. Our awesome videographer for this Ruby Riots team had the experience working at Wild Dunes on different Indian weddings and they helped us find some popular spots. Then we creatives decided what kind of backgrounds we would be photographing on the day of the sangeet, Haldi, Mendhi and wedding day. This way day couples have versatility in their wedding photos with different backgrounds on each of their event.

While Groom and his groomsmen squad were already at the beach for their getting ready pictures, we brought our bride, Kinjil to the location for the couple’s first look. We have a blog on the topic – Why First Look at a Hindu Ceremony is a great idea. Our rockstar planner and trust us we have worked with so many planners but Rohan from Legacy Production planned the timeline perfectly so we as creatives have enough time as we requested for the couple portraits and family photos.

North Croquet Lawn, Wild Dunes, Charleston

North Croquet Lawn was the venue for this Gujarati Wedding. Dressed in Fresh white flowers by Loluma Event Decor with a contrast of the green garden setting with pastel buildings in the background. Overlooking the Isle of Plam beach, a perfect spot to be in the shade yet get beach vibes with ocean waves. We wanted to use this beautiful setup for the couple’s portraits so they have perfect pictures in front of the decor setup before the ceremony started.

Baraat at Wild Dunes, Charleston

Elite DJs from Upstate New York were all geared up mobile barat and this crowd did not need much boast of energy before everyone was jumping. Half of the groomsmen were part of that dance team during college days and you can see the difference in the vibe together. The groom’s parents and the bride’s family joined as well.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony at the Wild Dunes, Charleston, South Carolina

Popadich Art was painting a live artwork of this North Croquet Indian Wedding Mandap that Louma Event Decor crafted with perfection. As guests are welcomed to this beautiful ceremony. Live singers were setting the mood for the South Indian and Gujarati Wedding. The Groom’s family was from the southern part of India so this ceremony has a touch of south Indian rituals alongside Gurjrati Rituals. The groom entered with his family after the groomsmen and Bride with her uncles. You can sense the joy in this ceremony with so much love and positivity at the Wild Dunes. The Couple tied the knot and you can see the shower of fresh flowers as start a new journey.

Luxurious Wild Dunes Indian Wedding Receptions, Charleston

Osprey Ballroom & Terrace was the venue for this luxurious wedding reception. It was a same-day wedding and reception so even though the schedule was packed since Legacy Production planned the timeline so well, it didn’t feel rushed at all. This is when you are working with a good planning company that will create an Indian wedding timeline considering so many variables. Osprey Ballroom is a perfect setting for a lavish grand Indian wedding as it can host a large Gujarati guest count. The ballroom was designed with a checkered dance floor with disco balls rigged with accents of greenery adding a tropical touch.

Another thing all Indian Weddings are known for is lavish food displays. District Events killed it with their tapas-style Indian pass-around, the grand buffets. This is the second time we are working with them and there is a set of consistency in service and food we have seen over the board every time we have worked with this talented catering team. They served authentic Gujarati cuisine to south Indian cuisine and the most loved Punjabi street food.