What is your Indian Wedding Photography Style Quiz

Indian wedding photography style

1. Which of these moments is most important for you?


Pick one image that you really connect with. This will help us understand what you value the most.

2. Based on lighting - Out of these 2 images which one do you like more

Royal Indian Bride
Royal Indian Bride-toronto

The answer is based only on the lighting. We wish to understand what kind of lighting you like more

3. Which of these two portraits do you like more

glamorous indian wedding
story-telling Indian wedding photographers

Do prefer being posed or do you prefer capturing natural moments. Based on this understanding we will know what to focus on and how to work with you.

4. What would you like your wedding images to showcase most?

Indian bridal jewelry

Which of the images below would be you absolutely want from your wedding? These images were taken at the same wedding based on their style, so we can deliver different types of images to suit your likes.

5. Following the previous question, What would you like your wedding images to showcase after your first choice?

Best-Indian-Wedding-photographers-in Canada
Best-Indian-weddings photographers in GTA

Which of these images below would be you absolutely looking forward to in your wedding. These all images were taken on the same wedding so for sure we can deliver different types of images at the same wedding. After the previous question which is the second most favorite

6. What kind of photographs defines your personality?

Gujarati Wedding ceremony at Beach Hilton Head Indian Wedding

Your personality should shine through your wedding images. Understanding what you value will help us create images you connect with and represent you.

7. At the core of your heart, what kind of person are you?

Top Indian Wedding photographers Mississauga

8. What would you use to describe your dream wedding reception?

Indian Wedding Décor
Floral indian wedding

Indian wedding photography style
A balance between glamour and storytelling


You care about the wedding to be more fun and connecting with your family and friends. You care about other elements like wedding fashion but not as much as having spending time with close people.
Your wedding style is more glamorous with a touch of story telling


Your wedding vision is more glamorous and high fashion. Yes, you care about other elements like family and details as well. We will still deliver all the other elements of storytelling and family images although those outfits, decor get you all excited.
Natural and Storytelling with a touch of Glamour

Indian couple at Hilton Head embracing

You care about living this day as through your images. So for your images should truly reflect who you are. You would like some posed images but mainly you want to be natural in your images.

Just tell us who you are to view your results!