What To Look For In Your Perfect Indian Wedding Cinematographer
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What To Look For In Your Perfect Indian Wedding Cinematographer

Today, we have a special guest blogger, Rajveer from Infinite Films! We asked him to share what are some things couples should be looking for in their Perfect Indian wedding cinematographer.


Imagine you’re with your spouse, reliving your Indian wedding celebration. Together you’re watching the video recordings of the events as they unfold. This would make your marriage memorable and alive long-term. That would be great, right?  

This can be achieved with proper video capturing of the events as they occur on your wedding day. A professional Indian wedding cinematographer will make this a reality!

However, Indian wedding cinematography isn’t something to take lightly. This is to ensure the right wedding films are captured on your big day. That’s why we’ll be providing you with factors to consider when hiring your Indian wedding cinematographer for your upcoming wedding.  Let’s begin! 


When looking for your Indian wedding cinematographer, it’s important you understand their style of filmmaking.  

Which films resonate with you? What do they make you feel? 

You need to understand the cinematographer’s approach to their films. Are you looking for a dramatic cinematic feel or a documentary candid feeling? It’s good to understand what you resonate with and understand how adaptable/versatile the wedding cinematographers are. 

We want you to feel all the emotions of your wedding events again. What allows us to immerse our clients is using the appropriate gear and filming close. By doing this you feel like you’re reliving the day. 

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A consultation will provide you with an opportunity to better understand a filmmaker. Because a wedding is a very personal experience. And you’ll be spending a great amount of time with your Indian wedding cinematographer. So you must feel confident in them during your consultation. 

Effective communication between a client and a cinematographer is essential. Both parties must be transparent with each other. This will allow your cinematographer to understand what you truly care about. Thus, allowing them to create a unique wedding film for you. Feeling comfortable and yourself around us is important. This is a part of the experience- you should feel confident in your team and not have a feeling of checking in. Trust your team and be present in your wedding events. This confidence is an investment, and this will give you peace of mind. 


The wedding industry can be overwhelming. And difficult to navigate when you’re searching for your cinematographer. That’s why you must find an experienced Indian wedding cinematographer. Weddings are a precious time and can be unpredictable. It’s important you hire a cinematographer that can face unpredictability and manage it.  

Not only does your cinematographer have to be proactive, they have to be reactive. Things can change on the fly and they need to be ready. What tools are they utilizing, how many cameras do they generally use at wedding events. 

Our goal is to educate and shine light on videography. We want our clients to understand why we do certain things and educate you on how to prepare for interactions with cinematographers. 



Your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment that’ll last forever. A moment where two souls unite and become one. It’s the union of two families. A moment like this deserves documentation for future generations to come. 

If a cinematographer fulfills the criteria we discussed, you’ve found a professional. Having a professional Indian wedding cinematographer will give you the peace of mind and confidence to truly embrace every moment at your wedding events. 

A wedding isn’t a moment that should have an expiry. It’s a moment that should be Infinite. 

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Our approach is to film you in your element. Because we want you to relive the emotion of your wedding day though a motion picture experience. 

There’s a reason we use certain gear for a certain look. As we want to submerse you in a cinematic experience and do so by hand picking. Want to have the best video documentation of your upcoming wedding? Feel free to schedule a consultation with us. 

Thanks Rajveer from Infinite Films for great advice and tips for couples looking for the Indian wedding cinematographer! Please reach out to Infinite Films for more information by pressing link – Here

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